Potaku 5 Episode 10 – Trial! PC VS. Console


Potaku People’s Court case #0050:

PC VS. Console.

Shiggy’s been gunned down and Doc has to take over as judge. Transient Mind and Aleph the Android talk up the PC while ColdCam and Tofu defend the consoles. But wait… Is someone at the door?

Guest starring Strange and Effluvium Boy.


“This is a thing.” – Alex’s Pants

“Is Doc STILL sick?” – Shiggy

It’s late!– Doc

“It has sex appeal” – Tony Abbot

“THE STATH IS IN TOP FORM” – The Stath – Safe (Out now on Blu-ray & DVD)

Thanks for listening and see you guys in season 6!

You can follow us on Twitter – Shiggy Ninty, Doc What, Alex Pants, Aleph, ColdCam, Tofu, Transient Mind


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