The Lame Game Marathon Returns For Its Third Year Of Lame Games

If you’re a Kotaku regular or have listened to all of our earlier podcasts, you’re probably already familiar with Klutar, Puppylicks and DanMazkin to some extent. They joined us on the podcast last year to talk about their then second Lame Game Marathon, and now they’re back for their third year, bigger and better and lamer than ever before.

(The guys are Mark, James and Dan respectively but I’m so used to writing with online handles)

The Lame Game Marathon is a 24 hour charity drive in which these lovely mustachioed gentleman play some of the worst games imaginable and stream their pain online for all to see, with running commentary from a team of presenters who’ll do whatever they can to raise an extra buck in support of UNICEF and underprivileged children. I’m pretty sure one of the presenters agreed to drink his own pee last year. Did that happen or am I delusional? I’m pretty sure it happened.

In spite of the pee-drinking that possibly happened but also might not have, or perhaps because of it, last year’s event was a resounding success. Blowing away their expected target, the team raised $7,300 with over three and a half thousand people tuning in across the 24-hour period. That’s a lot of numbers! But they’re looking to do even better this year.

With Puppylicks away on overseas adventures the Lame Gamers have brought in Luke, or ‘Dukey’ to join them in playing games even more terrible than before. Mark, Dan and Luke will all simultaneously play one of these lame games (the list of which is currently unknown to us) for a four hour block before moving on to their next games. You might think watching somebody play Spice World for four hours is funny, but after that first hour you’ll feel sorry for them as you see the exhaustion and horror slowly take over their faces…and then it’ll be even funnier.

Following along the stream on the team’s website or through Twitch, viewers can interact with the team of presenters who will regularly read out comments, ask for donations, and occasionally offer up competitions with great prizes to be won.

It all goes down from 10am on Saturday the 26th of October. Set aside the date or just drop in to offer a quick word of support to some people who will no doubt need a lot of encouragement to get through some truly lame games!

You can donate to the cause now or during the event. All donations go directly to UNICEF to support the rights of children across the world. For updates on the event, including reveals of exactly which lame games the guys will be playing, you can head directly to their website, or follow along via Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully we can get the guys on for another podcast episode closer to the event, so look forward to that maybe!

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