We’re going to play a wonderful game called… “Who is my daddy and what does he do?” – Detective John Kimble

Potaku is an offshoot of the tight-knit Kotaku Community allowing for an increased level of interaction and participation. Starting out as a podcast we’ve expanded to include written content and videos on video games and a wider range of interests including music, TV, film and other forms of gaming.

While expanding, we are also striving to remain a part of the Kotaku community and hopefully create a pool of content for Kotaku to draw from.


ShiggyNinty – Brendan Curtain

Bearded genius who came up with the idea of Potaku. He’s the “Host with the Most”, and what he has is mostly bacon. He plans out each episode and stops it getting bogged down and backed up. Like a Potaku laxative.




Doc What – Jamie Watt

Faithful bearded companion and hetero life parter to Shiggy. Like a buffoon he blindly followed his chum onto this carousel of carnage and now he’s stuck. He edits the podcast and videos as well as points the camera in the general direction of Shiggy’s beard. Sometimes he makes pretty pictures too. He’s NOT a real doctor, despite what he may say.




Alex Pants – Alexander Cavenett

Doc’s son. The third Beardketeer and possibly the handsomest (although Shiggy would argue) who appears on the podcast semi-regularly to be yelled at, as well as the new Online Editor for the Potaku blog where he gets yelled at. A talented writer, he brings some class to this hodge podge of an operation.

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    needs moar arts

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