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Summer Steam Sales: Day 4

Coming at you live from Cakesmith’s lunch break. It’s Day 4!

Summer Steam Sales: Day 3

Sunday may be a day of rest but not for the Steam sales! Here are todays deals!

Summer Steam Sales: The First Two Days

Where Cakesmith offers advice on the best games to pick up during the Steam sales for those of you who want to make your wallets cry.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 6

Do not fear friends for the end is nigh.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 5

Better late than never right? Oh, you just want the deals? Okay…

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 4

Sunday. Sundays can normally be best depicted as followed:

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 3

I like weekends. I get to sleep in. Walk around the house in my underpants. Catch up with friends. Go to the local shopping complex and buy required items for the future, like new socks. How good are new socks? They are pretty good! I also enjoy playing video games on the weekend.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 2

ARE YOUR WALLETS COWERING IN PAIN YET? Day 2 is a bit of a mixed bag but there are still some awesome deals. Deals that will punch you in the dick, even.

Autumn Steam Sale – Day 1

HIDE YOUR WALLETS! SELL YOUR WIFE AND KIDS! IT’S STEAM SALE TIME! Because what we all need is more games!

Steam Halloween Sale!

There’s not much time left before Steam’s latest sale ends! Cakesmith has gone through the list of offerings to tell you what you should think about getting! He also yells at you. He does that.