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Potaku 5 Episode 7 – What Do You Do Margaret?

While we’re still getting back into the swing of things here, we’re bringing you another episode of Potaku!

PAX Australia: Ready, Set, JOUST!

Alex has written about how Johann Sebastian Joust reminded him that games were for kids too while Shiggy wrote an article about how it was his favourite thing at PAX and that “Everyone should play it. You have to play it to understand.”

PAX Australia: Zelda And A Link To My Past

I’m not going to lie. there was ONE game at PAX that I absolutely had to play. If you’re not new to the site or to my ramblings in Kotaku’s Talk Amongst Yourselves, you can probably work out what game it was…. The Title is also a bit of a clue…

TAYfilm 2013 – Second Helping!

In a world of Michael Bay and commercial televison, men and women strive to make a difference. forging alliances and playing off each others’ strengths, maybe it’s time you joined… TAYfilm!

E3 Week: A Round In Tekken Revolution

Something that caught my eye this week was the new Tekken Revolution on PSN! So what’s so different about this new entry to the long running franchise? What does this particular game have that would make you part with your hard earned cash? IT’S FREE!

E3 Week: Doc’s Assassin’s Creed IV Trailer

Assassin’s Creed IV is about pirates. One Piece is about pirates. What happens if you take One Piece and smoosh it together with Assassin’s Creed?

E3 Week: Sony Wins – DRMALITY!

Hi all! Seeing as I’m the resident Sony guy I’m gonna talk to you all about the Sony conference. So grab your Cheetos and open the Mountain Dew. LETS GET OUR NERD ON!

World’s Greatest Shave! Video and Pics!

A month and a half ago we set out to raise $1,ooo for the Leukaemia Foundation and you guys really came through for us! At the moment we have raised a whopping $2,857.68.

Console War Journal – Nintendo vs. Sega

We finished off the second series of the Potaku podcasts with a Mega Drive VS. Super Nintendo court case. Someone (The Cracks?) mentioned that the whole thing had been rather civil and both sides seemed to respect their opponent’s views and console of choice.

Potaku Unplugged 2: Camping

Just before new year a few of us went camping. One night we sat down with a microphone and gathered round to chat about life, love and video games. Well, mostly video games. Joining us on the second “Unplugged” is F4ction, Freeze, Sughly, Blaghman, Masha and Rivet. Warning: Freeze was cooking sausages and you can […]