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Duel Shock: Grand Theft Auto

Redartifice: Welcome back to Duel Shock, the regular Potaku feature where we take an in-depth look at a part of gaming and ask the tough questions, like: Is CJ a busta?

The GTA Five: Five films to get you in the mood for Grand Theft Auto Five

Ever since the Grand Theft Auto series leapt to 3D, Rockstar has continued to push the cinematic elements of the series even further.

Duel Shock: The State of Nintendo

Redartifice: Hello and welcome back to Duel Shock, the semi-regular Potaku feature where we take an issue out for a good thrashing. This time, we’re doing a special event: A fight to the death (or at least verbally browbeaten) on the topic of Nintendo!

Shadowrun Returns Review: The Sky was the Colour of a Crystal Ball Tuned to a Dead Channel…

Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve Ammo. And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon -Street Proverb

Red Rants: A Round of Capitalist Applause for Valve

In which Red takes his hat off to Valve’s marketing team.

Red Rants: Double Fine, the Triple Constraint, and the whole Tim Fandango

By now it’s across the internet: Double Fine are only going to release half of Broken Age in January, with an April/May update for the second part.

Duel Shock: Next-gen

Redartifice: Hello and welcome once again to Duel Shock, where I and a doubles partner look at a current topic in gaming. This time, we’re looking at a very current topic: the next generation of games!

On Saints Row IV and Classification

I shouldn’t have to, but I’m going to establish my bonafides here. I loved the last two Saints Row games.

E3 Week: That’s Not Mature, It’s Stupid

It’s often cited that the average gamer in Australia is 29 years old. When are we going to get more games that are adult?

The Saga of Halfdan: Crusader Kings 2’s The Old Gods expansion

The Eddas in old English tell of legendary tale of the Halfdan lineage, invaders of the land of Strathclyde (Scotland) and the scourge of the French coast. This is their tale.