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The Lame Game Marathon Returns For Its Third Year Of Lame Games

If you’re a Kotaku regular or have listened to all of our earlier podcasts, you’re probably already familiar with Klutar, Puppylicks and DanMazkin to some extent.

World’s Greatest Shave! Video and Pics!

A month and a half ago we set out to raise $1,ooo for the Leukaemia Foundation and you guys really came through for us! At the moment we have raised a whopping $2,857.68.

World’s Greatest Shave! NEW REWARD TIERS! (Edited)

Leukaemia, a horrible and debilitating disease that affects around 11,500 people in Australia each year, is life changing in more ways than one. Researchers work every day to help try and find a cure to this life threatening illness through funding, time and people working hard to try and find the cure. But they need […]