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Keeping an Eye on iOS (w/e Apr 28)

Each week, I’ll endeavour to trawl through a baker’s-dozen worth apps from my ever-growing backlog of iOS games that are, or have been, free. I’ll investigate and describe each game, and then decide what to deserves more playtime, and what warrants deletion.

Comic Creator Spotlight – Alan Moore

To me, Alan Moore is to comic book writers as humans are to apes. Sure they can do some of the same stuff but there’s no real comparison. He’s just so much more… transcended?

Comic Creator Spotlight: Jim Lee

Born in Korea, raised in The US of A, Jim Lee incorporates influence from both the East and The West when pencilling his comic pages. Lee was the penciller on Uncanny X-Men #1 which holds the Guinness World Record for best-selling comic of all time.

Spider-Man Is Dead: Long Live Spider-Man

(Spoiler Free) In Mid 2011 Marvel comics and writer Brian Michael Bendis did the unthinkable. They killed Peter Parker. (Not a spoiler. Everyone knew. It made the papers.)

Comic Creator Spotlight: Chris Claremont

Born in England, raised in the USA, Chris Claremont grew up reading the pulp heroes. He wasn’t planning to be a writer; he had his sights set on a career in film as either a director or an actor.

Comic Creator Spotlight: Alan Davis

British born and raised, Alan Davis cut his teeth after having his artwork spotted by then editor of Marvel UK Paul Neary. Davis went on to work with Neary as his exclusive inker for many years until he began working with Mark Farmer who still inks all of Davis’ work to this day.

Comic Creator Spotlight: Brian Michael Bendis

You may know Brian Michael Bendis (or BENDIS!) as that guy who writes Marvel comic books. But Bendis didn’t hit the big time straight away. He worked his way there.