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PAX Australia – Late Edition: Freedom Fall

Shiggy interviews Lisa Rye, Creative Director of Stirfire Studios’ Freedom Fall. Video after the jump!

PAX Australia – Late Edition: Black Annex

Shiggy interviews Lance E.  McDonald from Man Fight Dragon about Black Annex. Video after the jump!

Dan and Karl’s Livegeist!

After months of bring you laughs and horrid nightmares, Dan and Karl’s Zeitgeist enters the Livestream fray!

Crabitron: Let’s Eat the Universe!

Crabitron is one of those games that has this random sense of appeal right off the bat. When we saw the display booth at PAX, we were naturally curious. ‘Is that a giant crab eating things in the cold vacuum of space?’

Gabe and Tycho on Controversy and the Future of Penny Arcade

I did say there was a lot of merit that came out of the media Q&A last week, didn’t I?

PAX Australia: Afterthoughts and Impressions

With an event with as much recognition and reputation as PAX, being held in another country for the first time is going to be a big deal.

PAX Australia: Wind Waker Preview

I’m not usually one for HD remakes or remasters, but I’m certainly excited for this one.

Q&A With Tycho and Gabe: PAX Australia ‘Is a PAX Now’

There was a lot to take out of our media Q&A with Penny Arcade’s artist/writer duo Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins on the Sunday morning of PAX Australia.

Community Response: Booth Babes Versus Cosplayers

In light of recent discussions regarding the presence of booth babes at PAX Australia last weekend, Scree has come forward to discuss the differences between booth babes and cosplayers at these events.

PAX Australia: Ready, Set, JOUST!

Alex has written about how Johann Sebastian Joust reminded him that games were for kids too while Shiggy wrote an article about how it was his favourite thing at PAX and that “Everyone should play it. You have to play it to understand.”