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PAX Australia – Late Edition: Freedom Fall

Shiggy interviews Lisa Rye, Creative Director of Stirfire Studios’ Freedom Fall. Video after the jump!

PAX Australia – Late Edition: Black Annex

Shiggy interviews Lance E.  McDonald from Man Fight Dragon about Black Annex. Video after the jump!

An Interview with James Flamestar

We all know him by different names. Anonymous Pessimist, Pez, Pesident Evil and the other names he’s thrown out over the past few years, but most of us know him as James Flamestar, who tweets loudly, is passionate about what he does and most importantly, creates some fantastic music.

Duel Shock: eSports

Redartifice: Welcome once again to Duel Shock, where we take an issue off the bench and give it a run for four quarters. My doubles partner today is Trjn, and we’re tackling esports. Trjn is a dabbler in both StarCraft and League of Legends, and follows the big esport leagues quite closely.

Potaku Interviews: Dane Krams

We were able to get a few words in with Dane Krams (aka Sughly) about a few things such as Anna’s Quest, his influences and where he’s going next!

Spirit Hunters Inc – New Videos and Hands!

I’ll just be honest and say this is the closest I’ll ever come to being a Ghostbuster.

EB Expo – Josh Holmes Interview

Shiggy and I sat down with Josh Holmes from 343 Industries, Creative Director of Halo 4 and asked him your questions.