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Duel Shock: Grand Theft Auto

Redartifice: Welcome back to Duel Shock, the regular Potaku feature where we take an in-depth look at a part of gaming and ask the tough questions, like: Is CJ a busta?

And Then I Got A Job: Finding Time To Game And Valuing Free Time

  When I was a kid I used to get bummed out that, when my dad came home from work, he would sit on the couch and watch TV for most of the night, and do nothing else. I’d want him to play games or do other stuff with me, but it was always the […]

Duel Shock: The State of Nintendo

Redartifice: Hello and welcome back to Duel Shock, the semi-regular Potaku feature where we take an issue out for a good thrashing. This time, we’re doing a special event: A fight to the death (or at least verbally browbeaten) on the topic of Nintendo!

Tomb Raider, Violence Against Women, and Sexist Gamers

This article contains mild spoilers for the first two hours of 2013’s Tomb Raider.

RAM 009: Max Payne 3

You guys thought I’d never talk about this again. Didn’t you?

Nonono BATMAN!!! Multiplayer on Wii U.

The Dark Knight’s latest adventure may be gracing the Wii U, but users won’t be getting all of the content.

On Bioshock Infinite DLC: The Risk of the Season Pass and Creative New Content

Last night, news surrounding a wealth of Bioshock Infinite DLC hit the net all at once. First, we learned about the Clash in the Clouds DLC, which serves as a wave-based combat arena mode and has been released today.

The Third Dimension: Past it or Blast it?

I’ve been playing an insane amount of 3DS games in the past few months and one thing sticks out with my experiences as of late. What does this look like with the 3D on?

Being Social: Sticks and Stones

I’m sure we’ve all heard the news about Phil Fish this past weekend and it has created two differing sides of opinion.

PAX Australia: Afterthoughts and Impressions

With an event with as much recognition and reputation as PAX, being held in another country for the first time is going to be a big deal.