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Crabitron: Let’s Eat the Universe!

Crabitron is one of those games that has this random sense of appeal right off the bat. When we saw the display booth at PAX, we were naturally curious. ‘Is that a giant crab eating things in the cold vacuum of space?’

PAX Australia: Wind Waker Preview

I’m not usually one for HD remakes or remasters, but I’m certainly excited for this one.

First Impressions: State of Decay and the ‘Z Word’

There’s a certain trope in zombie media where no character ever utters the dreaded Z word. They’re always ‘infected, ‘walkers’ or referred to by one other nickname that everybody in the world seems to know them by.

PAX Australia: Beatbuddy: Tale Of the Guardians Preview

Music is such a powerful and engaging tool when used effectively, and moreso in games. It’s extremely fair to say that Beatbuddy uses music perfectly.

PAX Australia: Dungeon Dashers Preview

One of the best things about PAX is the indie love.

PAX Australia: Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Preview

Zombies and ninjas, done to death. But together? Then zombies will be done to death…by ninjas!

PAX Australia: Sonic Lost World (3DS) Preview

Honestly, the best thing Sonic has done lately is take from Mario Galaxy.

PAX Australia: Johann Sebastian Joust is my Favourite Thing Ever

Who knew that a Playstation Move would ever be useful?

PAX Australia: Saints Row 4: Taste my Wub Wub


PAX Australia: Zelda And A Link To My Past

I’m not going to lie. there was ONE game at PAX that I absolutely had to play. If you’re not new to the site or to my ramblings in Kotaku’s Talk Amongst Yourselves, you can probably work out what game it was…. The Title is also a bit of a clue…