Monthly Archives: September 2012

Potaku 2 Episode 5 – DLC

For only $0 you can purchase this add-on to Episode 14. Starring Batguy and Nova Cascade!

Potaku 2 Episode 4 – Maximum Comics

This week we talk comics and games with Emperor Jimu and Patience Maddox

Minitaku – Wii U

Minitaku is where we talk about topics that wouldn’t fit into a regular show, but we still want to talk about. GOT A TOPIC? WANNA TALK ABOUT IT? LET US KNOW BRO!

Potaku 2 Episode 3 – Lame Game Marathon

This week’s episode is all about the Lame Game Marathon and some lame games we’ve played with Puppylicks and DanMazkin!

Potaku 2 Episode 2 – East VS. West

This week is Cowboys VS Ninjas with Potaku as we’re joined by Effluvium Boy & Negative Zero!

Potaku 2 Episode 1 – Zelda

SERIES 2! Joing us as we talk all things Zelda with Sughly and Mawt.