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TAYfilm 2013 – Second Helping!

In a world of Michael Bay and commercial televison, men and women strive to make a difference. forging alliances and playing off each others’ strengths, maybe it’s time you joined… TAYfilm!

TAY Film ’12 – Julie VS. The Dead

Hard to believe that it’s was the 25th of August that we all met up in North Sydney to start shooting this. 11 weeks later, and here we are. So sit back and get comfy, nibble on some popcorn and sip noisily at the watered down coke because it’s MOVIE NIGHT!

The TAYfilm Project 2012: The Beginning

Julie VS. The Dead teaser trailer It started with talk. That’s always how these things start. Someone makes an innocent statement to someone else, the brain cogs start turning and the idea factory comes to life.