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RAM 003: Knights of the Old Republic 2

RAM (which stands for Random Access Memory) is a series where we take a memory of a video game, whether it’s a specific moment or something special that happened while you were playing, then talk about what it meant to you! Anyone can contribute to the Potaku RAM system!

First Annual Potaku Game of the Year Awards: Nova’s Choices

2012 comes to an end and Potaku wraps up it’s GOTY community choice awards!

VGM Monday – Nier

I have a tendency to fall in love with game soundtracks never having played the game. At times this can be a double edged sword – I’m able to develop feelings for the music based solely on what I think of it, but often without the memories of the gameplay to go with it, some […]

The Nuzlocke Run

With the release of a brand new Pokémon game, it’s time to load up on Potions and Pokeballs and jump back into the world of trying to Catch ‘em All. Right?