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Kim Jong Barbie

This week things get controversial with Barbie and the Kim dynasty. We also play some video games including the Sega modern classic Yakuza for Playstation 2. Oh and its the final round of the quiz before the season finale, who’s the leader after this round?

Cardboard Box? Invisible!

This week it’s about stealth and survival horror with Metal Gear Solid and Ms PacMan for Atari 2600. And the quiz heats up with replace the WARREN! Enjoy

It goes ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom doom doom

This week the guys are all wearing animal related shirts, we escape greatness with Great Escape for the Atari 2600 and beat our bongos with Donkey Konga. Also Benn gets a little cranky at Sega when we discuss sequels that never happened. Hope you enjoy!

Oh! A Big One!

This week we enjoy our fishing and flying with Desert Falcon for Atari 2600 and SEGA Bass Fishing for Dreamcast. Watch along with anticipation as we seek out that big one and discuss our weirdest video game moments.

No, Not Vengeance. Punishment.

This week we’re not out for revenge, we’re out to punish with The Punisher for Playstation 2. We give Realsports Boxing a go on the Atari 2600 and discuss which game we’ve donated the most amount of hours to. Enjoy!

Toads Are Not Reptiles

This week while we play Battletoads for MegaDrive and Pigs in Space for Atari 2600 we tackle the hard hitting issues of today, such as the difference between turtles and toads and we discuss reptiles and amphibians. Its Attenborough meets 20 something year old gamers we hope you enjoy!

They mostly come at night…

Its an Alien special this week at GameAgain. We go through the ages and highlight some of the best selling and not so great Alien games including Alien 3 for Nintendo, Alien Trilogy, Aliens versus Predator Extinction, Aliens vs Predator and Aliens Colonial Marines. Which is your favourite? Let us know!

Come fly with me!

The lads are back again for an intense session of GameAgain. This week we tackle the mysteries of flight with the Super Nintendo classic Pilotwings! It’s my pick for 4 minute bytes and we got to play the great Space Invaders for 2600. Also we’re quizzed twice this week and discuss our latest retro game […]

Mighty Morphin Retro Gamers!

This week we put on our lycra suits for some Mighty Morphin Power Ranger action on Megadrive! In 4 Minute Bytes its Warwick’s turn and he picked Crystal Castles for Atari 2600. And we discuss which handheld game has travelled the most distance with us..

An Unexpected Let’s Play!

ShiggyNinty, Warwick and myself this week started the most unexpected let’s play, the Hobbit for Playstation 2.  We played with lego, were quizzed on MegaMan Robot Masters and discussed our greatest gaming bargains.  Enjoy!