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Potaku 4 Episode 2 – Indie

  Man, this topic is so underground, you probably haven’t heard of it. You just gotta be in “the know” you know?

It goes ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom doom doom

This week the guys are all wearing animal related shirts, we escape greatness with Great Escape for the Atari 2600 and beat our bongos with Donkey Konga. Also Benn gets a little cranky at Sega when we discuss sequels that never happened. Hope you enjoy!

Potaku Video Review: Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

So I finally got around to getting this all pieced and done together! This is the first original Potaku video review and I’m glad to have finally done it, even if it took forever! I wanted to try and get this perfect and great for you all!

Review: Tomb Raider

I’m sitting here and I’m eating my own hat. Except I don’t have any hats, so I’m eating my beanie, which is a little sad because I need this beanie on account of the whole shaved head deal right now. I’m eating my beanie because of Tomb Raider, but really it’s my own fault.

The Best of a Generation: Shiggy Edition

Like Pants has said, we are seeing the end of this generation of consoles. There’s that transition of both hype and sadness, where we’re saying goodbye to the consoles we enjoyed but saying hello to the next ones. We’ve seen Pants’ picks for his three favourite games of this Generation, but what about others?

Keeping an Eye on iOS (w/e Mar 24)

Each week, I’ll endeavour to trawl through a baker’s-dozen worth apps from my ever-growing backlog of iOS games that are, or have been, free. I’ll investigate and describe each game, and then decide what to deserves more playtime, and what warrants deletion.

The Best of a Generation

The curtain is beginning to close on the current console generation. The Playstation 4 has been announced, the rumour mill is in full swing for Microsoft’s next console, and the Wii U is starting to get a few more games (let’s not open the can of worms about whether the Wii U is next gen […]

Potaku 4 Episode 1 – Snake Has A Nice Butt

  Well, we’re back with another series of Potaku for you all! Can you believe it? 4 series! And we’re glad to be back! We love this show!

World’s Greatest Shave! Video and Pics!

A month and a half ago we set out to raise $1,ooo for the Leukaemia Foundation and you guys really came through for us! At the moment we have raised a whopping $2,857.68.

Return of an Impatient Gamer: Dark Souls 5

Part Five: Concern for a Blacksmith. Dear Potaku readers, Greetings, from…I’m not sure where I am anymore!