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Tomb Raider, Violence Against Women, and Sexist Gamers

This article contains mild spoilers for the first two hours of 2013’s Tomb Raider.

Sexism in Gaming – Yes, but What’s to be Done?

In a season 4 episode of Mad Men (set in 1963), freelance creative Joey tells the radiant Joan that she’s asking to get raped the way she dresses. The scene is jarring and horrific to a twenty-first century sensibility.

Rediscovering Obsession: When a Game Transcends Gaming

I spent my childhood being obsessed. It wasn’t enough to like something, I had to watch all the things, collect all the things, spend my days and nights thinking about nothing else.

:SPOILERS: Mrs Shane vs. The Walking Dead

Note: This article contains spoilers, and a LOT of them. Series-wide spoilers. If Telltale’s The Walking Dead is on your to-play list, give this article a miss for now.

How Demon’s Souls Restored My Faith in Games and Reminded Me How to Live Life

I am a willing victim of declining video game difficulty.