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PAX Australia – Late Edition: Freedom Fall

Shiggy interviews Lisa Rye, Creative Director of Stirfire Studios’ Freedom Fall. Video after the jump!

PAX Australia – Late Edition: Black Annex

Shiggy interviews Lance E.  McDonald from Man Fight Dragon about Black Annex. Video after the jump!

Potaku 5 Episode 10 – Trial! PC VS. Console

Potaku People’s Court case #0050: PC VS. Console. Shiggy’s been gunned down and Doc has to take over as judge. Transient Mind and Aleph the Android talk up the PC while ColdCam and Tofu defend the consoles. But wait… Is someone at the door?

Potaku 5 Episode 9 – OMG! Hoverboards!

On this week’s show, the Bearded Trio discuss what they’re playing, Pants’ talks about his Disney Infinity experience and when the hell are the Aladdin figures coming?! There’s also talk about Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101 (mainly by Shiggy, he won’t learn to shut up about the Wii U) and more! We’re in the final […]

Potaku 5 Episode 8 – Hooker Killer Simulation

This week continues our ongoing adventures into tiredness, as we try to juggle work and play all dem’ vidja gaems. Welcome to another week of Potaku!

Potaku 5 Episode 6 – Stop Raining On My Parade

We’ve all been crazy busy here at Potaku these last few weeks and had to take a mid season break, but now we’re baaaaack!

Potaku 5 Episode 5 – Robot Ghosts

We all have PAX fever still! Some of it genuine excitement, the rest are infected with Nerd Flu. Welcome to Potaku!

Potaku 5 Episode 4 – I’m Gonna Take You All Down!

Everything in Potaku is a work of fiction. Anything said or insinuated is entirely fictional and not representative of anything… Real.

Potaku 5 Episode 3 – We’d Run It Into The Ground

It’s only a week until PAX and we haven’t prepared at all and we thought it’d be better if we did this instead! Welcome to Potaku!