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She’s In Another Castle!

A Super Mario All-Stars 20th anniversary throwback.

PAX Australia – Late Edition: Freedom Fall

Shiggy interviews Lisa Rye, Creative Director of Stirfire Studios’ Freedom Fall. Video after the jump!

PAX Australia – Late Edition: Black Annex

Shiggy interviews Lance E.  McDonald from Man Fight Dragon about Black Annex. Video after the jump!

Duel Shock: Grand Theft Auto

Redartifice: Welcome back to Duel Shock, the regular Potaku feature where we take an in-depth look at a part of gaming and ask the tough questions, like: Is CJ a busta?

The GTA Five: Five films to get you in the mood for Grand Theft Auto Five

Ever since the Grand Theft Auto series leapt to 3D, Rockstar has continued to push the cinematic elements of the series even further.

The Lame Game Marathon Returns For Its Third Year Of Lame Games

If you’re a Kotaku regular or have listened to all of our earlier podcasts, you’re probably already familiar with Klutar, Puppylicks and DanMazkin to some extent.

Step Into The Animus With Me: An Assassin’s Creed Mega Marathon

So here’s why I said you might be amused or annoyed yesterday. Instead of spending my suddenly valuable free time doing something more productive, I’m going to replay five games I’ve already played in the past – some of them half a dozen times over.

And Then I Got A Job: Finding Time To Game And Valuing Free Time

  When I was a kid I used to get bummed out that, when my dad came home from work, he would sit on the couch and watch TV for most of the night, and do nothing else. I’d want him to play games or do other stuff with me, but it was always the […]

Duel Shock: The State of Nintendo

Redartifice: Hello and welcome back to Duel Shock, the semi-regular Potaku feature where we take an issue out for a good thrashing. This time, we’re doing a special event: A fight to the death (or at least verbally browbeaten) on the topic of Nintendo!