Puzzle Retreat: Now Free to Play

If you haven’t had a chance to check out mobile game Puzzle Retreat on iOS and Android, now’s your chance. Why? IT’S FREE!

Puzzle Retreat is from Aussie Studio, The Voxel Agents out of Melbourne. They’ve made two other games so far, Train Conductor and Train Conductor 2: USA for the mobile platforms, garnering critical and financial success. With their latest release, Puzzle Retreat, they’ve again crafted something just fun and unique. I had a crack at the game the other night. Combining elements of Sudoku and Sokoban creates a fresh challenge that will make you lose track of time and provide hours of fun. The game provides a deep challenge with simple rules, lots of puzzles with the ability to grab more for only a a few dollars and the ability to skip those really hard challenges. Puzzle Retreat is the sort of game that’s great for on the go gameplay.

Just one of the puzzles you’ll encounter!

So why’s the game free? Well it recently hit a million downloads in a month. Not bad! Buy why free? Surely there’s a reason right? “Our audience have discovered Puzzle Retreat and they’re loving it” Creative Director Simon Joslin explains. “They play puzzle games to relax and unwind, and they really appreciate the minimal, no pressure environment that we’ve built for them. We are really pleased with the feedback, and especially the insane downloads! The free model enables everyone to enjoy the game.”

The game has been getting all kinds of rewards from the community, proving that the acclaim is well deserved. With a place in the “Top Ten Indie Prize Award” at the Casual Connect in Singapore, it shows that The Voxel Agents haven’t created just another throw away mobile game, but something worth keeping and coming back to. It’s well worth checking out so make sure you do!

The Voxel Agents will also be debuting a new game at PAX Australia so make sure you check it out! We’ll be there and we’ll be taking a look!

You can grab the game for iOS on the App Store or on the Google Play store if you own an Android device. And remember…IT’S FREE! Support out local talent!

Thanks to The Voxel Agents for the heads up on this!


  1. Woo! Strayaaa! Go download this everybody!

    (I certainly did, being the iOS freebie hound that I am!)

    1. I had to go back and look to make sure you hadn’t written anything about it first! It’s good fun! Really enjoying it!

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