The PSN is Having a Sale on Original Playstation Games

From now until July 10th, the Playstation Store is having a sale where you can pick up some of the games that made my childhood at incredibly cheap prices.

So many of these games are fond memories for me. I remember playing Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus on a demo disc, but it always frightened me for some reason so I never actually bought the game properly. The Crash Bandicoot series are some of my earliest gaming memories and I spent months trying to 100% them. I played Tomb Raider with my mum and both of us weren’t very good at playing it for a long time. For some reason my sister really liked the Tekken games.

This is the kind of sale I can really get behind. While I still have most of my original Playstation discs, some have gone missing entirely – I have no idea what happened to my copies of the original Spyro trilogy. And of what’s left, some of the discs are scratched so badly – hey I was a kid, I didn’t know any better! – that they no longer play properly, as I learned when I tried to play Tomb Raider a few weeks ago. So it’s a good time to consider replacing what’s been lost in my home.

But it’s also an opportunity for everyone to check out some games they might have missed in the past. I’m sitting here now looking at the original Silent Hill going ‘hmmm…hmmm…’ and stroking my beard in consideration. And maybe it would be a good idea to actually play Oddworld outside of a demo disc. Considerations…

Check out what’s actually on offer over at the Playstation blog – only some games in certain series are actually a part of this sale. The prices there are all European, but a quick look over on the Australian PSN Store shows that most of these games are currently going for $3.65 – the Spyro trilogy altogether is only $7.35. Playstation Plus subscribers also get a further 10% off those prices, $3.29 and $6.62 respectively, so if you’ve ever had your eye on any of these games now’s looking like the time to grab hold of them.

Me? I need a PSN card. Oh man.

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  1. sarcasmfairy · · Reply

    Holy crap. I haven’t checked the PSN in awhile. Better get on it as I can’t wait to see my kids play Crash Bandicoot

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